Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The art of misinterpretation...

Now a days with so many short cuts for words like TGIF, WTF, etc etc it’s not surprising that there might be some misinterpretation along the way. If you like me when I read to quickly I sometimes swop the letters and then I have no idea what is trying to be said. 
I must share my story with you. So for weeks and years I have always referred to Wednesdays as “Hump Day” because it half way through the week, and it’s all done hill from there...
My brother and his girlfriend were visiting the other day, and I was talking about “Hump Day”. So Shanna asks me what do I mean about “Hump Day”? so I was I explained about how it is half way through the week and all downhill from there... this is when I noticed she started to blush..
So me being me, I enquired why the blush? She thought that “Hump Day” meant I was “getting lucky”! Can you believe it! Like I would even advertise that! I’m not that forward, at least I hope not!

And apparently she wasn’t the only one who thought that’s what it meant when I put that as my status on facebook!
So now I pose a question, how many people actually know what you are trying o say when you post a status on facebook / twitter / Blackberry... what do they think you are saying as opposed to what you really are saying?

I thought to myself, should I stop posting certain statuses’, then I came to my senses and realized it’s not me who might have a dirty mind, it’s everyone else.
I now find this quite amusing and look forward to seeing who is bold enough to ask me what I mean when I post a status. Let’s see who has the guts!
Do not stop speaking your mind, just because some people don’t understand you! Remember you were born to stand out! 

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