Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slowing Down: The Painless Alternative

I lay there in pain and suddenly it dawned on me that I had just been injured because I was trying to do another task! I realized that I could fit in a little task before we had people coming round for lunch. The task involved vacuum packing clothes in special bags we have. I actually like doing this task, as I enjoy watching the clothes shrink in size by sucking all
the air out. I quickly grabbed the vacuum and sat on my haunches and sucked the air out of the packets!
It does not take long so within minutes the task was complete. Hooray! I wound the cord up on the vacuum and stood up. Whack! I did not know that the door to our bedroom had closed slightly. The two stairs into our room have the door swing over them to close. When I stood up – I stood up and connected the bottom of the door with my lower back! The Afrikaans language has a very descriptive word for that – “EINA”.  It means ‘ouch’ or ‘ow’. There were many other (four letter) words going through my head as I crashed to the ground though.
I spent the next week with a bruised lower back to remind me to slow down. We all have things to do – no one can deny that but the speed and care at which we do them is really negotiable. Life is complicated enough without having random pains to slow us down.
Slowing down is a conscious effort but it may be a healthy alternative!

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  1. Great article, Bruce! It can be really hard to slow down (at least for me!) but it really does help to create a more present (and healthier) life. Thanks for stopping by Positively Present!