Friday, August 5, 2011

40 Minutes and 54 Seconds

40 minutes and 54 seconds it took me to get the problem sorted out! I want you to imagine spending that long with your ear to the phone to a support center! I know that you have
probably spent longer on the phone and not got your problem sorted out but that is actually not my point here!

I was called to a client when there accounting package was giving them hassles. I had an idea of what the problem was and was only going to be there for about 15 minutes. I was wrong! I sat down to discover the problem was what I thought it was. I knew how to fix it. Awesome! I went about phoning my brother-in-law who is my guru with the Pastel program. I picked his brain and we went through every possible option and solution that we could think of. To no avail! Doh!

The last option was to call the call center and them to help me with the problem. This is not a great idea  because, in South Africa at least, you often do not get a human to talk to for a long time. Then you get passed from human to human and eventually you give up. I got onto the phone and called. the first human I talked to after 8 minutes could not help me because the problem was not in his capabilities. He did, however, tell me where to go to get it sorted. i then waited till minute 28 to get through to the next human.

The point I make here is this: It took a long time to get through to Johnny but Johnny proved me wrong. He proved that call center agents can be very good at helping you. Johnny was also super patient when the line was very bad. It was very late in the day when I phoned Johnny. He sounded tired and weary but he persevered and sorted my problem out. On top of the 'expected' work that he did, he asked me to check that it was working before I put down the phone.
The entire phone call was 40 minutes and 54 seconds long but worth it! Johnny got to leave at 5pm when his shift ended!

Johnny may never read this but his effort is much appreciated. Thank you.

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