Thursday, August 18, 2011

But there's so much loving, too

"There's lots of fighting in this world but there's so much loving, too"
Ready by Third Day

Those are such inspiring words to me. They are very ture in todays society where violence, war and just fighting in general are seen daily in every city, in every country around the world. In the past 10 days, we have seen the greater London area (and further out) being destroyed by riots and locally to myself in South Africa, the municipal strike has resulted in sewerage being thrown at municipal building  further up country. No country, race or creed is exempt from this sort of violent occurence.
Yes, we have to accept that fighting is every where. No, we do not have to focus on the fighting because if you look around in the very same cities, there is a huge amount of love too. Take London after the riots for example, The cleanup of the rioting chaos created a massive movement of locals chipping in and helping out. That is awesome to see happen. Everyone focuses on the riots themselves but I think that the silver lining of the clean up should be focussed on as much too.

When I say 'love', I mean the little gestures  that make a difference to someone. I am not talking about massive public gestures and giving millions of Rands or Pounds (or whatever currency) to charity at some big press launch. I am meaning the person holding the door for you, the guy who lets you cycle past before pulling into the traffic, the person ahead of you who let you take the last item you wnated etc. There are 100's of these actions going on daily and we often take them for granted because we have negativity tinting our eyes.

It is the little things that enlighten our days with a beautiful moment of love from a complete stranger who wants nothing in return and tells us there are still great people in the world.

Try and see the love in the world but better yet BE the love in the world.

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