Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silver linings

Have you had a long day, a long week or even of long year? Are you unsatisfied at work or in your job? Are you stuck where you are? Do you have health problems? Are your children hassling you? Are they causing trouble at school again?
Most people would answer yes to one, if not more, of the above questions. All of us have
been in a situation where the negativity of the whole ordeal manages to get you down. You struggle to see past the problem. The old saying “this too shall pass” is often swept aside mainly because we do not believe it.

Another saying that is swept aside during these times is “every cloud has a silver lining” and finding the silver lining is what we need to focus on. It is often easier than we think. Let’s get practical. You have had a long, hard week at work and would love to tell your boss “where to stick your job” and walk out. This, however, is not a good idea as you need the job. Silver lining? You have a job. It may be painful to go and be there but the bottom line is that you still have a job. While you are at the current job, you can look for a better opportunity. Many people do not have a job. Some countries have unemployment rates of 20% or more! Your silver lining is that you have a job. It may not be easy to see when you are struggling through a problem, but the silver lining is always there. We just have to look for it.

Some pointers to finding the silver lining:
1.     Stand back. “step out of the situation” and have a look at it from another angle.
2.    Remove all emotions from the situation. This will help you be able to look for the silver lining without any emotion. Emotions are not helpful in trying to find the silver lining – they tend to cloud your vision or blinker your vision.
3.    Tell someone. Have someone you trust to talk to. They are not in the situation ad could shed some unbiased views for you.

The silver linings are always there – you just have to look!

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