Friday, August 12, 2011

The feeling that comes from above

The Sciatic nerve comprises of the nerves called L4- S3, these nerves pass through the buttock, back of the thigh and calf as well as the foot.

Irritation to this nerve can cause shooting pain, numbness, tingling, pins and needles sensation or burning pain in the buttocks and
down the back of the leg, it may go all the way to the foot or stop down the leg.

This can be caused by
  1. Herniated disc
  2. Piriformis syndrome
  3. Pressure on the nerve by a bone fragment or a deceased in the size of the space it exits the spinal cord between the vertebra
  • Herniated Disc
The discs are our padding between our vertebras; they consist of hard outer fibres surrounding a gel like centre. When a disc is herniated the outer harder fibres are torn and the soft gel centre leaks out and places pressure on the spinal cord or nerve root. This is a serious matter and in some severe cases surgery is needed. Conservative treatment like chiropractic is sought before surgery is considered. Spinal manipulations open the joint and lessen the pressure on the injured disc.

  • Piriformis syndrome
The piriformis is a muscle in the buttock region that often shortens or spasms due to overuse, trauma, sitting with legs crossed or lying on your side without a pillow between the legs. The sciatic nerve passes through this muscle and when it’s in a state of spasm it can entrap a nerve. Entrapment of the sciatic nerve due to the piriformis muscle is known as piriformis syndrome.
This can be treated with Chiropractic, simple stretching techniques; manipulations and some needling into the muscle will usually give great relief.

If you suspect you have Sciatica, have it seen to immediately, nerve pain is serious and must be treated as soon as possible..

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