Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Turn It Off!

There are people who own and use the following: One (or two) cell phone(s), a tablet (or the like), a laptop (or net book or the like) and a desktop PC. Add to this a land line telephone. They use all these gadgets to stay in touch with their world at all times! Does one really need
to have so many ways to stay in touch? Are you that important that people cannot be without you for more than twenty minutes?Personally, I do not think anybody is. I have started a new trend - turning my cell phone off. Not silent - OFF!

I will say this, although I turn my phone off, there is always a way of people getting hold of me if there is an emergency. I do believe that turning your phone off is a great idea but it's a stupid idea to cut yourself off from the safety net you have. For example, you are driving home from the business meeting and need some peace and quiet on the drive to de-stress. Turn your phone onto silent to get the peace but not off - just in case something happens and you need a phone quickly. We have to be realistic about things here!

Myself and my wife often go out and will leave one phone at home. We do, however, always have a phone with us. This phone is for the "just in case" emergency. We are currently trying to use technology for our convenience.

Technology is great and it keeps us in contact 24/7 but sometimes it needs to be turned off. Go ahead - Turn it off!

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