Friday, August 19, 2011

Keep on Running

We have all heard the phrase used when watching a long distance sporting event, "He caught his second wind". How do you manage to get to the stage of getting your "second
wind"? The answer is simple. Just keep running. No one has ever stopped running and then caught their second wind!

The same concept can be used in everyday life when we are going through a rough patch. Just keep going and "running" and eventually you will hit your second wind and come through the rough patch. The focus here should also be that rough patches, trials or the like, never actually last all the long. Think back to a "rough patch" in your life and note how long it lasted. Not very long, hey?

This concept can be exhibited by the following example. When you have blocked nose and stuffy head with a cold on top of it. You feel as though your head is going to explode with all the pressure. The minutes feel like hours and it seems like life will never be the same again (despite what the medication advertising says). Have a think back to the last time you were sick. How long did it last? 3 days? 5 days tops, right? Well, 3 days is not long at all! All you had to do is keep taking the medication and stay in bed or whatever the dcotor ordered and it came right.

Same thing can be applied to a rough patch. Just "keep on running" and you will hit your second wind and come through it!

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