Friday, September 2, 2011

Do not be a hero ... Bend with the knees

People hurt their back all the time by using their body inappropriately to do simple things.
I see it in people all the time when they bend straight forwards to lift things, as well as parents and grandparents when handling their children and grandchildren.

How to keep my back out of harms’ way:
  • Firstly and most importantly ALWAYS bend with the knees to pick up anything off the floor or low down. Bending straight forwards from the back puts tremendous pressure on the spine and muscles and causes lower back ache.

  • When holding something with a weight try hold it close to your body.

  • When carrying children, use both hips alternatively to prop them on.

  • Try to not lift the children from the floor, if they can walk to you, sit down and get them to come to you, so you aren’t lifting 10+ kg’s straight from the floor. (obviously I know this is difficult when the child is hurt and crying but if it can be done in most instances it’ll save you the back ache)

  • When bathing the little children, rather sit on the bath to help get them in and out so that you are not lifting them from a standing or leaning over position which will also cause major back ache.

  • New mommy’s, please alternate the arms you use to hold baby while feeding, so that your neck doesn’t always get put into one position looking at the baby.

Save yourself the ache and do it the correct way, and if you don’t you can count on us Chiropractors to piece you back together.

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