Monday, August 8, 2011

What is your greatness?

"The problem with being the unsung hero is you will never get the credit you deserve"

We went to the movies on Friday night. It was the first time in a while. We watched the Harry Potter Part 7 Part 2. Having watched all the Harry Potter movies, it was pretty clear to everybody that Harry was destined to be great from the start. The whole series centered around this fact. The series was very well written in terms of the books and the movies, in my opinion, let the books down a bit. That is my opinion though.

Anyway, whilst I was watching the great series come to a close, I could not help thinking that we are all "destined" for greatness. It may not be well documented like some people. It may come in the simplest of forms. Some everyday examples that have struck are the following:
1. Mothers. My wife and I are expecting  our first little person towards the end of the year and I stand in awe of all mothers whilst they are pregnant. The chaos that the female body goes through whilst making that little person is absolutely crazy!

2. "behind the scenes" people. These are the people who are not noticed for the effort they put in and never ask for any credit either. Everybody knows someone like this. Teachers who teach the "star pupil", The tea lady who makes that cuppa every day, The coach of the next great super sports star, the list goes on. Let them know today that they are appreciated!

Whatever you do for a living, wherever you go today, do not do it for the credit or the lime light. Rather do because you know that is what makes you great. You may or may not get the credit you deserve but you are still great!


  1. You bring up a subject very closely associated to our world of blogging. I blog because I love it, and i have knowledge and a passion that i want to share, and help make the difference to people's lives. Yet every time i receive a comment, email or private message, thanking me and telling me how i have helped change someone's life i still feel the emotion of excitement and happiness. Muhammad Ali knows that each and everyone of us needs to remind ourselves that "We are the greatest"

  2. Its how you react to what is said! Your reaction can make or break you - either way its up to you and you only!