Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do not miss the big things!

On Saturday morning I did something I have not done in a long, long time. I got up and met a bunch of people at the local casino parking lot to go cycling. No gambling was done, even though the casino was open. The parking lot is used as a meeting point for East Coast Cycling Club ( Cyclists are given free parking which is safe and secure - a very useful advantage. The bunch cycle from the casino up the coast, to a freeway off ramp to the little town of Umdloti and back. It is about 46 km.

The ride was going well and on the longest and toughest climb of the route I knew I was going to battle so I did the only a cyclist should do - I locked on to a back wheel of one of the lead riders and did not take my eye off it! I was so focused that I missed the most amazing sunrise to my right. All I saw was the back tire of the bicycle in front.

How often have you done that? No, not cycling! Being so focused on something that you missed the most amazing event in your life or an event that would have made a big difference to you. It happens to everyone. I am not saying that being that focused is necessarily a bad thing though. If you are that focused, and nothing can interrupt the train of thought you have, that’s great! Having said that, if you are that focused too often, you are probably going to miss something big along the way.

Sometimes that sort of focus is good and even needed. For example, while cycling it was needed for me to get to the top of the hill without dropping behind. It lasted about 10 minutes though. I was able to enjoy the surroundings after that. It got me up the hill. We all need this focus at work. Be careful here though. Be careful not to miss meals or meetings. Do you work from home? How often have you gone to “just check my email” and next thing it is 1 am?

Sometimes focus is necessary as stated above but often it can be avoided. The alternative might change your life forever.

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