Friday, August 19, 2011

What’s the difference...?

Often I get asked what’s the difference between Chiropractic and other professions that deal with the skeletal system.
Well I am hoping this article will clear up some confusion and in no means take it that I am putting down any other profession just merely aiding in understanding. The aim here is to add to your knowledge and educate you
more about the profession. All the 'healing professions' should work together to help patients.
What can Chiropractors do:
·         Chiropractors are doctors ( we can diagnose disorders,we are just unable to prescribe medication )
·         Chiropractors can send for blood work and imaging to diagnose disorders
·         Chiropractors are trained for years in manipulation techniques this is a very important note as some other professions (except orthopaedic surgeons) adjust and they are not trained like chiropractors are and never have the same effect
·         Chiropractors know all medical disorders, how they are managed and the proper protocol for treatment
·         Since all muscles and tendons and ligaments attach to bone, Chiropractic manipulation has the best affect on treating such disorders
I hope to one day be able to educate other professionals and the general public about Chiropractic, there seems to be an area of fear about it and there needn’t be.
We are trained doctors, we will not manipulate anything and everything, we will assess and see what the required treatment protocol will be.
In my experience the greatest relief comes from Chiropractic treatment and if coupled with treatment from other professions your healing will be that much greater.

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Editors note: This is a guest post and not always the opinion or view of the blog or its owners and related parties. As a result no action can be taken against such parties. This article is to be used as a guide only and is aimed at educating the reader in the topic covered. Please consult Angela on the above details or your local medical practitioner for more concise instructions.
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