Friday, August 5, 2011

What’s your trigger?

When a chiropractor refers to a trigger point, what are they talking about?
A trigger point is what most people would refer to as a knot in their muscle or back.

What is a trigger point?
It’s an area of decreased blood supply in a muscle that is circular in nature and forms around a central point. Since the blood supply is low in this area toxic waste is unable to be removed and it builds up & sometimes even forms crystals of toxic waste. When we feel our ‘knots in or back’ they are quite painful because of this toxic build up & cause painful muscle ‘spasms’.

How Can Chiropractic treatment help me get rid of my knots?
  • Acupuncture/Dry needling – When a needle is inserted into the trigger point/knot, the toxic crystals are broken down. Due to a foreign substance piercing the skin, an inflammatory response occurs, which increases the blood supply to the area, which ultimately gets rid of all the waste products that have built up & then enables the muscle to relax.

  • Acupressure – Squeezing the affected area causes damage to the muscle and therefore the body’s natural response is to increased the blood supply to the area immediately, to try and repair the damage being done, this in turn also promptly gets rid of the waste products and causes the muscle to relax.

  • Heat – Heat over the muscle will automatically increase the blood supply as the vessels will dilate in that area, however over heating can have the adverse response, so only heat for 5 min every 30 min.

  • Manipulation – An adjustment to the affected area will cause an increase in blood flow to the area, resulting in the removal of toxic waste and a general relaxation of the affected muscle.

  • Other modalities – T.E.N.S or ultrasound can aid in the muscle relaxation and increased blood supply.

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