Friday, July 22, 2011

So much of stress!

Let’s face it, today’s stresses are much more than those in the past, the rate of hypertension (high blood pressure) is on the rise and prescriptions for anti- anxiety medication are being given out without a second thought. 
We are suppose to have a certain amount of stress in our lives, known as ‘essential stress’ however when there is excessive stress
present, our bodies take strain. DISEASE when broken down is (DIS) (EASE) the state of the body when it is not in a state of ease, from here it is easy to understand why we are more susceptible to getting ill when we are in a state of stress causing us to be immunocompromised and unable to get a good nights rest. 
Battling this stressful state can be done in much healthier ways than to take a pill everyday with the following simple changes:
  • Exercise (it releases happy hormones and immediately de-stresses us)
  • Follow a healthy diet (if you put the best fuel in your car to make it run better put the best ‘fuel’ in you), drink 1.5litres of water per day
  • Take the essential vitamins that get depleted when your are run down
  • Try homeopathic remedies to help in a natural manner
  • Find a hobby that you can have an outlet of stress
  • Stretching the muscles can help relax them and force you to breathe properly
  • Mediation or breathing exercises can help

How can Chiropractic help?
Often when treating stressed patients they end up falling asleep in my rooms, doing dry needling and acupuncture on them to help release the built up emotions and muscle tension is a huge de-stressor. Manipulations release endorphins (happy hormones) and aid in muscle relaxation which helps with the de-stressing process. Manipulations are also known to lower blood pressure which helps in the overall healthier functioning on the body. Once feeling more relaxed, sleeping becomes easier too.

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