Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm A Cute!

When Doctors use terms like acute, subacute and chronic they are referring to the duration of the disorder.

  •  Acute means a rapid onset (immediately- 2weeks)
  • Subacute is between an acute and chronic duration (over 3 weeks)
  •  Chronic refers to a condition occurring for longer than 3months or longer than the expected healing time of such condition.
The duration of the condition/disorder also determines the amount of treatments required to treat it
  • Acute conditions usually require 3-5 treatments. Treatments should be close together.
  • Chronic conditions can require anything from 5 – 10 treatments depending on the severity of the disorder and the amount of destruction. Initial treatments should be close together then start to be spaced out there after. These conditions will more than likely require ongoing treatment and care to prevent it from re-occurring or worsening.

It is important for the patient to understand and know what to expect from the treatments and to know what their healing time should be. Everyone heals differently, those that heal the quickest are the patients that follow the Doctors advice and do the exercises and stretching etc.
If you are in pain have it seen to immediately, the longer you wait the longer it takes to treat it and recover from it.

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