Monday, July 18, 2011

Lean on me.

How many times has someone said to you 'I will be there' or 'I will do that for you' and they do not? How many times have you said those words and not acted on them? Do not worry, we are all guilty of this.
Recently this came to my attention after someone do not arrive to perform duty on his given day.
Everything had been arranged by my wife that she could take a break from doing this particular duty so we could watch her brother in a local cycling race. On the morning of the race, we received a phone call to say he not pitched up for his duty! Grrrrrr! It was now left up to my wife and I to cover the duty. This really struck a nerve for me. All the emotions from anger to frustration and irritation came out and were difficult to control at times.

On that day, it all turned out good in the end. It did however, lead me to certain conclusions. The following came up:
Be responsible.
Do not accept engagements, duties or the like if you cannot hold you side up. No one will get angry if you say no and give a decent reason. They should not get angry. It I your life and you can do whatever you like with your time. You are not here on earth to serve anyone else.

Tell someone if something goes wrong.
We live in an age that we can get hold of anybody at any time in any place on the planet (pretty much). If you have accepted an engagement and you cannot fulfill – tell someone! You have a number of ways to get hold of people and generally more than one person to tell. No one can be upset and no one will be upset if you contact them and tell them you cannot make it. There is only one thing to remember here though, tell them in time. Tell them as soon as you know. This allows them to make alternative arrangements. Things happen and they happen to everybody so they will understand.
One the day in question above, we were told on the day and the time when he was supposed to be there at the engagement. Too late.

Things happen in life that get in the way of us being able to make engagements that were made in advance. This should not affect anything if you are able to make alternative plans. When we are responsible and tell someone as soon as it happens, people will not get upset and will be able to lean on you in the future. 

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  1. Hear hear!! It is only polite to tell people what is going on and not leave them hanging around wondering and worrying. BAP