Friday, July 1, 2011

"I got a poking pain Doc"

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Explaining the type of pain you are experiencing to your chiropractor is very important.
Certain disorders cause certain types of pain, which can help in the diagnosis process.

Deep superficial constant pain usually points to muscular disorders or pain, however muscular pain can become sharp in nature too.
Deep, constant internal pain would usually points to an organ or bone problem.
Sharp pain can refer to many disorders, depending on where the pain is, if it is shooting in nature and runs in a specific pattern it is most likely due to a nerve impingement, this can also be known as a poking pain.
Sharp pain within a joint can be caused my many factors such as inflammation and joint destruction.
Burning pain, numbness, tingling, pins & needles sensation, and a lack of sensation usually refer to nerve based pain.

When describing your pain it is important to be as specific as possible, taking note of when it is at its worst and best as well as the factors that relieve and aggravate it.
Each person has their own interpretation and description of pain, so as the practitioner it is also my duty to help understand the patient so that a proper diagnosis can be made.
Always ask the chiropractor to explain why the pain feels that way and why certain treatments will help that specific pain, it is always helpful to understand the cause of the pain you feeling and how certain treatments will aid in your healing.

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