Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If you push your body to far, it will push back!

We all know about the most common type of body language, the one between people. The signs we see when things are not working or the sign to make that move. But what about the signs our body uses when trying to tell us to slow down or take it easy. We so often punish our bodies and push them to the limit without even realising the toll it takes. 

Whether it be physical or mental strain they both can take a toll on your health. I have been under a bit of stress lately (nothing unusual in my life – seems like an everyday occurrence), anyway a couple weeks ago I had a bout of gastro, it only lasted a couple days and I thought to myself, wow how lucky I was to not be too sick....little did I know what my body had planned.

The following Monday I woke up with a rather hoarse voice (not the sexy kind either), not thinking anything of it I went to work like a good little employee. I lasted only about 4 hours before I decided this might be a bit more serious than I thought, due to the fact that when I coughed all I could taste was blood (note to self not a good sign).

When I got home I self medicated and then went to bed. I woke up on Tuesday with the highest temperature I have ever had in my life! I had three jackets on, tracksuit pants a hot water bottle, and was covered in bed with three blankets yet somehow I was still shivering (again not a good sign). So I phoned the doctor and made an appointment for that day. While waiting for time to pass on (which it never does when you want it to) I started to get a major headache, now even though I was not a frequent head ache sufferer I knew this is was a doozie! It got to the point that I couldn’t even drive myself to the doctor’s appointment because wearing my glasses which enable me to see while  driving hurt like hole in the head while trying to focus through them. Thankfully I had a friend that drove me.

My doctor looked at me and knew instantly that something was wrong, perhaps the three jackets, scarf, tracksuit pants, socks etc gave it away... I’m just saying...

After carefully poking and prodding it was announced that I had acute Traceitis... for people like me who are not trained in the medical field...a severe throat infection (hence the blood taste – apparently it was raw – my throat I mean). I thought to myself while getting this diagnosis, this is just great, all I need in my life is  to get sick in winter. (which apparently in my mind is not what happens!)

I was booked off for the rest of week, to resume work the following Monday. I had never felt so sick in a very long time! I literally did not move from my bed. I was heavily medicated but I must say that towards the end of my meds I really started feeling a lot better (yay for medication).

Monday came and I was back at work. I still remember thinking to myself, okay I’ve had the flu for winter, I should be good to go...boy oh boy was I wrong! Wednesday I woke up with a lump by the corner of my eye (now for the people who know me I tend to get cold sores in my eyes – weird I know!) anyway this did not feel like a cold sore, I thought it might be a stye... so off I went to the pharmacy on my way home and got stye medication. Started that night thinking yay I have got this nipped in the butt! (that is not the type of luck I have). Woke up Thursday morning with an extremely red and swollen eye. Went to work, granted I couldn’t wear my glasses it hurt so much should have been a tell tale sign. (I seriously need to start listening when my body talks). I managed to last the day. I did inform my one boss that I would not be in the next day as the situation with my eye seemed to need medical expertise.
 That night when I was putting in the cream for my eye I pulled the top of my eyelid down to ensure the cream went in properly, and what happened, a couple of my eye lashes actually fell out! There they were in between my finger tips. I could have cried! (yes the emotions were flying quite high at this point – I immediately got the image of me with no eyelashes on one eye aka a freak!)

 Friday morning I phoned my doctor and made an appointment for that day (she couldn’t believe I was back again – hello neither could I), only to find out I had conjunctivitis (an eye infection that had spread to the soft tissue of my eye – I was starting to look like Quasimodo from that movie with an extremely large eye – so not attractive)

Again I was booked off just for the day and put on to more antibiotics and eye drops to help my eye.
Thankfully it worked and I can see again...and am back at work (touch wood)

If this three week life threatening drama (that’s how it felt to me) in my life has taught me anything it is that there are no train smashes if you get sick and need to take time off. Everything will still be there when you get back. Stress is a powerful thing and sometimes we don’t realize how it affects us until it’s too late.

You only have one life to live and you need to look after yourself to ensure you can live that life.
I intend to take life with a pinch of salt, a smile, a sense of humour and a kick ass play list. I am going to try my best to stick it.

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