Friday, September 9, 2011

Have a little help from your feet...

The feet have the most important job in the body when it comes to mechanical functioning of the body.

They are the first point of impact when standing and walking.

As humans we were suppose to learn to walk on uneven surfaces like grass and sand, however we learn to walk on hard level surfaces which impact on our foot development.

If the foot doesn’t function optimally, we then end up having problems elsewhere, like the knee, hip and lower back. They are all connected. They are a kinematic chain and when one doesn’t function the rest over compensate, resulting in pain!

Often patients will complain of knee and lower back pain resulting from a foot that is ‘stuck’ in a sense. They may not know the foot is a problem until it is assessed by someone (chiropractor, orthotist, podiatrist etc).

SO what do we do?
It can be as simple as adjusting the foot, however the foot might need some added help from an orthotic to ensure that it moves in all the right places at the different parts of the gait cycle, otherwise the same pain will keep occurring and no matter how many times you get everything adjusted as soon as you get up to walk again, you are back to square one.
So put your best foot forward and get yourself assessed.

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