Friday, September 16, 2011

Gentle Enough But Effective!

Chiropractic treatment has been known to help babies that suffer with colic and sleeping disorders. It calms and relaxes them to be able to function better.

What does a chiropractor do for the baby:
The chiropractor will assess the baby to make sure the appropriate reflexes are present and that the milestones are being met at the appropriate age. Some education on feeding and burping positions as well as dietary advice may be given to the mother. The chiropractor will apply gentle pressure over the affected joint/area to restore normal functioning, which then allows the nervous system to function at its best, alleviating irritation and pain at that site. Since the nerves to the muscles and organs exit from the spinal cord, optimum functioning of the spinal cord then enables the baby to grow and its bodily functions to be at its best.
A study of 1250 babies examined 5 days after birth, found that 211 suffered from vomiting, hyperactivity and sleeplessness. 95% had spinal abnormalities, and all showed improvement after chiropractic treatment (even after one session).

Definition of Colic
The definition of colic is an unexplainable and uncontrollable crying in children from 0-3 months of age, for more than 3 hours a day,3 times a week and for more than 3 weeks — usually in the afternoon and evening hours.
Colic is blamed on excess gas within the intestines, dietary problems and birth trauma, however the exact cause is unknown. Treatment for colic currently mainly revolves around pharmacotherapy (buscopan, colic drops etc), changing of the baby’s formulae and positioning techniques during feeding and burping. Chiropractic treatment is increasing in popularity & is becoming the treatment of choice.
Recent studies which compare chiropractic to drug treatment show that there is a significant improvement up to 90% of all cases with chiropractic treatment.
Chiropractors have reason to believe that the birth process could be one of the causes for colic. During birth the baby’s spine and neck may get damaged whilst moving down the birth canal. During the pushing stage the baby’s spine is under pressure from the squeezing and pushing of the contractions (induced labour amplifies this and increases the pressure on the spine).
When lying on your back during labour the pelvic opening is reduced by 1.5cm which places extra stress on the baby’s spine.
In order for the baby to go through the birth canal its head and neck have to twist into different positions which can cause problems later on. Signs and symptoms of such trauma can lead to irritability in the baby and can present as:
  • Colic
  • Poor feeding
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Crying, restlessness, anxiety
  • Doesn’t want to lie on back
  • Reflux
  • Will only feed on one side
  • Head favours one side
  • Flat head

If you notice your baby is suffering with any of the following, why not have them checked out by a chiropractor, the treatments are gentle and effective.

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