Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Can All Be Right!

After doing some research into pregnancy and having witnessed a number of children being raised around me, I have noticed that there is not one way of doing it. There is no right and no wrong way to raise children. In fact, this can be taken across all aspects of life. In my experience within the accounting world, there are certain guidelines and standards that have to be abided by, but on top of those standards, there is certainly a huge variance as to the way to go about things.

This is where the topic of “it’s not wrong, but different” came up. In other words, everybody is right! You are now shouting at me because you have told that you are wrong and that you have to do whatever in a certain manner. This ‘certain manner’ is where you are right and so is your (fill in the blank).
Let me give you a practical example. Let us go with children because we all were once children and were raised differently. Formula versus breast milk. Oh, dodgy topic this one. The ideal, God given way to do it is breast feeding, true. Some women find it difficult to breast feed so go to formula. Some women do not want to breast feed so go straight to formula. Are these women are wrong for choosing formula at all? Yes and no. yes because the female body was designed to feed a baby breast milk. No, because if they are not producing enough milk or cannot produce any, then the baby would in fact not survive past about a week or two. Then the mother becomes a shocking mother because she let her baby die etc. Who is right then? Well, both are. You would never let a baby die and would do anything to make sure it survived, including giving it formula.

Another good example for you. Discipline. Another touchy subject I know but it illustrates the point. This is taken from a South African point of view and law. Capital punishment is out at schools by law. Smacking kids is becoming less and less frequent at home too. Naughty corner or step or time outs are the going favourites currently. Some of you might say ‘just give the kid a good wallop’ or something to that extent. I was subject to few wallops growing up myself and no long term damage was done. So who is right? Everybody. All kids grow up whichever way they are disciplined so it does not really matter. The results of the discipline in the child do vary but that’s debatable as to the cause.

There are so many important aspects of life to worry about that being right and wrong is often not the main concern. Both parties may well be correct or incorrect. You have to look at the bigger picture and decide if it is worth the fight in the long run. Sometimes it will be but most times – it just is not worth worrying about. 

Different is not always wrong.

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