Friday, May 13, 2011

Take me back to the Stone Age...

Our lives today have drastically altered from what they use to be centuries ago, we were built to walk on uneven surfaces like beaches and grass and we are now forced to walk on flat hard surfaces. This is the source and cause of most peoples’ lower back pain, as the feet have to now accommodate to walking on solid structures the lower back then takes the brunt of it all since as we all know.. “the hip bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee bone’s connected to the ankle bone...”
We also used to live active lifestyles whereby we had to walk everywhere, hunt for food, farm for food, today us humans spend the majority of our lives sitting in one place whether it be at our desks, in our cars or on our couches at home, we sit, sit and sit some more.

How does walking on uneven surfaces make a difference?
If you walk on the beach generally the next day you will feel stiff in the lower legs and may even have sore feet, it is because different muscles and ligaments are now being stimulated to support the ankle and foot bones while trying to maintain balance on an uneven surface. We are supposed to have these ligaments and muscles stimulated daily. I tell my patients to have their morning cup of coffee or tea in their garden walking around barefoot.

How does sitting affect us?
Sitting is sedentary and doesn’t allow us to burn fat, obese people sit for 2.5 hours longer than thinner people. When you sit immediately the body slows down, the electrical activity in your legs is drastically reduced, enzymes that help break down fat slow down by 90%, and calorie burning is reduced to 1 calorie per minute.
After 2 hours of sitting, the good cholesterol in the body drops by 20%.
Cardiovascular disease is twice as likely to occur in those individuals with desk jobs.
To try stay more active at work, get up every now and then, stretch, walk around, take the stairs and keep more active!

Words of wisdom to take away from this article:
1. Daily walks on the beach or grass is good for you, 
2. Keep that blood pumping and those muscles working!

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