Friday, May 20, 2011

What's the norm?

A common question I get asked is what conditions I see and treat the most. Although I treat everything, the most common disorder I see is headaches.
Headaches are common in most people and there a many factors that can contribute to causing a headache.

There are many different types of headaches, such as:
·         Tension headaches (feels like a tight cap over your head)
·         Cluster headaches (occur at the same time everyday)
·         Cervicogenic headaches (caused by mechanical trauma such as whiplash)
·         Migraines ( may have sensitivity to light & noise, nausea & vomiting)
·         Sinus headaches
·         Mixed headache syndrome (combination of a few types of headaches)

What causes headaches?
There are many factors that contribute to getting a headache.
Stress, diet, dehydration, mechanical issues, hormones, drugs, illness, muscular tension and high blood pressure, are to name a few.
The chiropractor will address most these issues in the consultation.

How do I (a Chiropractor) treat headaches?
Most headaches sufferers take certain medications to treat the headaches; this however does not treat the cause of the headache, just the symptom(s).

Since many factors can contribute to a headache, the main aim is to see whether any mechanical and muscular stress can reproduce the headache or cause discomfort, once these areas are located, they can then be treated and the mechanical cause can then be eliminated, causing the headaches to disappear completely or at least lessen it to a manageable state.

Not all Chiropractors treat the same way, so I shall give a breakdown of what I do in my own practice to treat headaches.

Dietary advice is often given to my patients to help them eliminate any food causing factors as well as a lack in vitamins.

I find patients respond well to acupuncture/dry needling, muscles that are in spasm will also get acupressure (squeezing the spasm/trigger point), sometimes I place a mechanical device known as a TENS unit over the area to help the muscles relax. TENS is a tiny machine with pads that you place over the affected area and an electrical impulse is sent into the muscle to stimulate it and help it relax. It is not painful, it feels like a tingling sensation and is safe to use on children, and the elderly.

After the muscles have been treated I then manipulate / adjust the segments of the spine that are mechanically ‘out of place’. Once the spine and muscles are functioning like they should the patient feels relief from the headache. The patient is then also given some stretching exercises to do some home care.

Headaches can be tricky due to the many causing factors, and most headache sufferers are quick to get a headache when exposed to any causing factor, especially stress and bad posture from desk work.

Don’t spend your life popping pills, try some holistic healing. What have you got to lose?

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