Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Only 2 reasons for failing!

Generally, students and people around them come up with many different reasons for failing. I have been studying for quite some time and has realized that there are really only two reasons for failure in terms of studying  and the writing of exams.
The reasons for failing:

  1. Lack knowledge
  2. Lack of technique
This ebook is very useful and I have used the information to prepare for my upcoming exams in 2 weeks time!

What does this ebook contain?
  • The two reasons for failing
  • 12 ways to overcome the reasons
  • Additional tips for on the day of the exam 

Currently it is only available in PDF format but it will soon be published to Kindle format.
The price of $2 is a bargain when compared to other ebooks.

When you want to buy the ebook please send an email to me and i will send you banking details (sorry no Paypal as yet) and when payment is made - the ebook will be emailed to you*.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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