Friday, March 25, 2011

Take the stairs!

I now work in a building on the 5th floor. The options to get to the office are the lift or the stairs.
Yesterday, i made a decision to take the stairs whenever possible or convenient. I know 5 floors seems a lot of stairs but given my age and health status (excellent), I can easily make the stairs every morning and afternoon. It also gets my heart going a little faster than the lift would without making me sweat.

I challenge you to take the stairs, however, there are exceptions or provisos to this challenge :
  1. If you work on the 42nd floor - the stairs may be a little too much to handle as well as the lift is going to be quicker!
    1. Suggestion: do a few floors and catch the lift from there in the morning.
    2. take the stairs in the afternoon down and then take the lift.
  2. If you are in any way affected by health issues - NB do not try this without consulting your doctor first!!!
  3. If you have no stairs to work or the stairs are not available - obviously you cannot do this!
  4. Next time you go shopping in a supermarket with more than one floor - use the stairs if possible.
Let me know how it goes!!

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