Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time to make a change

As you might be aware - I am blessed to be able to commute on a bicycle to work. I do it about 2 / 3 times a week. Yesterday, i decided to take a longer route to work as I would like to get my training mileage up and also because I get bored with the same route day after day.

I was nearing the last hill and having a good ride when i suddenly could not change my front cog into the higher gear! I slowed down - now getting frustrated and worried - to see what happened. I discovered that my gear cable had frayed enough not to work properly!

The change comes into play like this. Last year I bought a set of rims to replace the current set I have (they are getting tired). The front rim went on almost straight away but the back rim had no cassette. Cassettes are costly and I did not have the money to do it at that stage. My wife and I discussed this quandary and came up with this: The money i would be saving on petrol by riding to work would be saved to buy me a new cassette and the necessary service to install it. 

So when my gear cable broke - the change needed to happen sooner than later - so my reliable machine is going in today and its going to get a new rear wheel!

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