Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspiring words!

I am Third Day fan! For those who are unfamiliar with them - they are a Christian rock band from the US.

Thet have won many awards over the years and have toured the world extensively. Their latest album "Move" was released last October and is really cool and encouraging.

One of the songs is call "What have you got to lose?" and is really thought provoking and really relevant to everybody of all religions! The lyrics are below.

I love the words and love the song too.
Have a read and see what you think. I will try and get the video on this blog soon.

"What Have You Got To Lose?"

Sin and shame
Guilt and pain
Pride and your conceit
Here and now
Lay them down
At the Savior's feet

What have you got to lose
What have you got to lose
And tell me why you're so afraid
What have you got to lose
What have you got to lose
Think of all you have to gain

Hope and dreams
And all the things
That you have ever made
It don't mean much
If in the end
You have lost your way

Let go of all you know
Only then can life be found
Surrender all you hold
Lay it down, lay it down, lay it down

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