Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who are the angels in your life?

My tertiary education started on a different path than the one I currently run along. It started as a year in sports massage with an aim to get into Chiropractic.

I believe that angels come along in many forms. One came into my life as a chiropractor who firstly picked up my suspected marfans syndrome during a 'routine appointment' and secondly may (or may not) have had a hand in my gaining entry into Chiropractic the following year.

Another angel entered my life whilst studying at Tech. When we first met - just friends, I was still in a relationship. It came about through us both failing a course. We wrote the exam and I went to get the results. By this time I was single again. I phoned her to tell her we both passed and asked her to mugg and bean for coffee. As the classics say - the rest is history. About 3 weeks it was official that we were together, about 3 years (March 2007) later we were engaged 24 November 2007 we were married.

Angels come in various forms. The trick is to recognize them and have them influence your life in a positive way. They sometimes stay in your life but not always.

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