Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have fun!

Whatever you do, you should be having fun!

It is a big statement I know but it is true. You can argue that work is not fun whilst going on holiday is! But why cant you have fun at work? At least you should not be dreading going to work.

Moving off work being fun - your hobbies and spare time should be fun! I create websites in a business I run called Steggies Place Web Hosting. Go to for details. This is always fun! Yes it does create some extra income but that is certainly not the only fun I have! I have created websites for various people and they have always been and continue to be great fun when creating or maintaining them.

If you are enjoying the past times you are involved in - its contagious and others want to  know what you are doing to make you so happy and love life!
This concept was slammed into my head by Sir Richard Bransons book Let's Not Screw It, Let's Just Do It that I read recently. He made his money having fun! No if he can then you can!!

Have fun!

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