Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hero to ZERO!

I have recently written a blog post about the wonderful uplifting experience we had at ABSA in Durban. We have subsequently had fantastic service from them in paying up our vehicle finance and closing that account.

On the back of this great service and as we are looking to finance another vehicle, I phoned ABSA in order to start the process. I did recall the trial and suffering that we went through in order to finance our last car but was optimistic that this time would be different because of the above happening. Well I was suitably impressed with the initial part of the conversation until she had to find the car dealer that we are interested in using to get the car. She had to search for the dealer – no problem at all.
The problem came where the phone was hung up!! That was it – the phone call over! It was now after 6pm so the call centre is closed.

I stood there in absolute shock! Needless to say I am not so fond of ABSA currently to say the least!

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