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What its snot!

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Sinusitis is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, sinusitis may be caused by infection, allergies, structural abnormalities or autoimmune problems.

The paranasal sinuses consist of 4 different sinuses:
·         Frontal sinus – causes pain over forehead
·         Ethmoid sinuses (divided in to an anterior and posterior sinus) – causes pain and pressure behind the eyes.
·         Maxillary sinus – causes pain in cheek area causing toothache and headaches.
·         Sphenoid sinus – causes pain or pressure behind the eyes and pain is felt at the top of the head.
Sinus occurs with respiratory tract infections and asthma as both of these cause inflammation of the airway.
Signs and symptoms of Sinus:
·         Headaches (90% are migraines, as it involves the trigeminal nerves which innervate the sinuses and the membranes around the brain)
·         Pain and pressure in the face that is constant and dull in nature
·         Pain is worse when bending forward or lying down, pain may start on one side of the head and move to the other side
·         Postnasal drip
·         Toothache
·         Eye socket infection resulting in fever and illness
·         Ear infections and pain
·       Sleep disturbances
·       Difficulty breathing
·       Nasal congestion
·       Snoring
·       Sore throat
·       Coughing

Chiropractic for Sinusitis:
Chiropractic treatment will target the affected muscles, bones and mucous membranes and joints which will alleviate many of the patients’ symptoms. After treatment there is often improvement in breathing, headaches and postnasal drainage, as well as improvement in sleeping.

·         Chiropractic manipulative therapy - adjusting the joints and skull to correct a misalignment, allows the body to return to proper function and heal itself, as well as alleviating pressure on the trigeminal nerve.
·         Trigger point therapy – pressure over the affected muscles can eliminate pain and spasm.
·         Acupuncture or Acupressure for over the specific sinus points helps ease sinusitis and aids in drainage of the sinuses.
·         Snorting salty water up the nose and eliminating it back out through the mouth helps dry up the excess mucous in the nasal cavity and reduces the symptoms of sinus.
·         Tapping over the sinuses helps loosen the fluid for elimination.

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