Friday, February 4, 2011

Life threatening

I am fortunate enough to be a cyclist and even more fortunate to be a cyclist that commutes to work. I have been cycling about 10 years. With studying part time and working full time - my cycling has died down to two or three fun rides a year with min training in between.

i left my article clerk career behind in November 2010 and joined a very nice company in Morningside, Durban. We use an old house as the office and my office has an en suite bathroom (very Lanie indeed). i asked my boss if i could cycle to work and he said sure thing!

Anyway, i cycle to work and back about 2 / 3 times a week in rain and shine. it is way less stressful than driving for me and takes around about the same amount of time!

On my return trip the other afternoon (bear in mind that Durban in February is light until about 7pm so it was still sunny) i was cycling past a shopping centre and this &^%$%& in a white VW Golf GTI with tinted windows decides to turn into the centre far too quickly whilst i was going across the entrance!! WTF! I was travelling at about 40 km/h and was lucky not to hit him. i did manage to swerve out the way - Thank God there were no cars following me! I also managed to swear at him to which he found it necessary to stop his car and return fire!
Seriously! i have never been more scared in all my life!

Having said all that - I am a cyclist but also a motorist too and i am not saying cyclists are perfect because they are not at all! I regularly swear at them for being stupid. ^$%&*#$%^ like this need to be hauled over the coals for reckless driving in my (clean) opinion.


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